Travertine marble upkeep.

Travertine is most of the time a very soft stone. Do not wait so long before having it re-polished and crystallized to maintain its beauty. Holes, veins and cracks will start to open up especially in the high traffic areas…Minimum once a year to maintain a nice appearance.

USA Floor Caretravertine marble polishing

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Natural stone stain removal.

Just re-posting this info on how to remove stains from marble, travertine, terrazzo, saturnia, limestone and other natural stone. If you have pet urine, wine, fruit drink or other types of staining in the stone, you must go to a beauty supply store and buy a 30 or 40 % peroxide that they use in bleaching hair. Place the peroxide heavily over and past the stain wearing gloves. Then cover with plastic and leave overnight. Wipe it up the next day with an alkaline or neutral cleaner. It may or may not need another treatment. This will draw the stain out of the floor.

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Spring Cleaning – Floor Maintenance

Don’t forget to take care of your investment. If you have mexican tile, terracotta, marble or travertine floors, they need to be maintained. Call us now for your professional cleaning and polishing needs in the south Florida area.

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Website upgrades

Sorry if anyone has had any trouble with my website in the past week. I have had to go with the times and have someone make my site friendly to all devices and my email was down for a few days. Up and running now. Take care of those floors. Is it time for a service?

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Maintenance is the key to a beautiful floor.

Many people think that once they install a mexican tile, terracotta, marble, travertine or limestone floor, they do not have to do anything else. The fact is, if you do not take care of the floor from the start and do not do periodic maintenance services on your floors, they will start to become worn, dirty and ugly. A yearly or bi yearly service will ensure your floors to continue to look beautiful.

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Hiring the right contractor

Be careful about the contractor who tells you not to worry and things such as ” it will look like new ” or ” it will be 100 % “. The fact is, nothing is 100%, not even when new. There are always some flaws or mistakes. We tell it like it is and do not make any false promises. Sometimes we just have to say we can not help you if we feel the outcome of the work will not be satisfactory or even possible.

Bob – USA Floor Care

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Stain removal from marble & terrazzo

Many stains can be removed in marble, travertine, limestone, terrazzo or porous stone by putting a 30% or 40% peroxide solution on the area. This can be purchased at beauty supply stores. Spread the solution over and past the edges of the stain fairly thick. Cover with plastic or seran wrap and leave over night. Clean up next day. Be sure to wear gloves. A second application may be needed.

Bob – USA Floor Care

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Carpet Stains

If you spill something in your carpet or upholstery that may cause a stain, do not use all those store bought stain removers unless it is made specifically for the type of stain you are trying to remove. Using these products can set the stain into the fibers and it will be permanent. If you spill something, just use a dry white towel to remove the excess moisture and then wipe with a clean wet rag, then dry it again. Call a professional to use the right products on your carpet or upholstery.

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Mexican saltillo tile and terracotta floors in the home or business.

Mexican tile

Mexican tile and terracotta should be taken care of properly even before they are installed. Each tile should be sealed one by one before installing to ensure that the grout and thinset will easily clean from the tile. Otherwise, they will stain from the products getting into these porous tiles. At least 3 coats of an oil based sealer should be used after install or 5 coats of a water based sealer to ensure good protection for a longer period. Maintenance should not be overlooked as these tiles will ware and damage. Have them cleaned and re- sealed on an annual basis to keep these floors looking new.

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To Crystallize or not to crystallize, that is the question?

There has been much controversy about crystallization over many years. The fact is, if a company is using crystallization to refinish a floor, it is not proper. Crystallization is a final step after refinishing or for routine maintenance of marble, travertine or terrazzo floors. It seals, hardens, brings out the shine and protects the stone surface by placing a clear layer on the surface of the stone.

Bob – USA Floor Care

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